This is rare and unusual that I wake up in my own bed on the concert day. Usually I am far away from home, my bed and my every day life. Today I am performing in my home town.
I woke up comfortable and well rested, with no annoying noises or knockings on the door. There was a familiar smell and freshly squeezed juice made out of organic beefs, carrots, apples, kiwis, oranges, pears and pineapple. A phone call from my nephew Ealian was a delight. He called to share with me what he just learned: his name and age 🙂 ( he is only two years old). The piano was next to my bedroom, so I did not have to commute to a practice space and look for a piano. It was a sunny and warm day, so I had a dilemma between going for a run to a beautiful York River Park or going for a bike ride. I chose the later one, and spent two hours enjoying beautiful lakes, noisy wild ducks and I went to look for my eagle friend. He was not there… Perhaps he was less fortunate and had a concert away from home 🙂
I made some scramble organic eggs upon my return, and enjoyed a long meditation, followed by a nap. It was indeed, a perfect concert day. Recharged and ready to go on stage! IMG_2099