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I am not sure if I prefer to be too cold or too warm, but I am sure I would rather not have to adjust from minus 20C to plus 40C. I have performed a Christmas Recital, in my goose down jacket, Marino wool pants and pashmira just a few days ago and today I was forced to practice half naked…. The AC was not working properly, it was 40C outside and I needed to get work done. The security officer at the University of Western Australia looked a bit shocked when he opened the door…I needed to practice. Welcome to Perth!

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The PolArt Festival is a fascinating phenomenon and one of the largest polish festival outside Poland. PolArt showcase Polish folkloric dance, theatre, music, fine arts, film and literature. It has been fun to be surrounded by dancers and actors and share the stage with visual artists and poets. The New Year Ball was another thrill, with 800 people attending, live band and some intense dancing. I am very much looking forward to my performance in two days and hopefully to an escape to the Rottnests Island the next day.