601991_10151374527526298_1028198759_nI grew up surrounded by music of Fredric Chopin. His music was everywhere: on radio, on TV and in every practice room at every music conservatories. I still remember the moment I heard his Polonaise in G minor at the age of 7…I run home and practiced more that day, so I could play it soon.

Our musical education in Poland was heavily based on Chopin’s music, Chopin competitions, Chopin festivals etc. It was all mostly about Chopin.  And if you won or got to the final of a Chopin Competition in Warsaw, your future as a pianist  was made in Poland. And it is still the case nowadays.

The cult of Chopin in Honduras brought a new light into his popularity. The Conservatorio Nacional de Música in Tegucigalpa was the poorest school I have ever taught at or visited. I was very much inspired by students dedication and their drive, and I believe my teaching was very inspirational to them.  We worked mostly on Chopin, of course! The school had only 4 upright pianos, and not a single  grand piano. The sound isolation was made out of egg containers,

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and there was  paint missing on most walls. ( They do accept donations, please contact me for the info)

To my surprise the piano studio I was teaching at had a beautiful painting on the wall made by a teacher. It was a portrait of Chopin with the following note: Chopin n excelsis Deo.  🙂

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