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It’s the second day of my island retreat on the Rottnest, squeezed between the recital in Perth and Sydney. It’s been fantastic! The beaches are amazing,2013-01-05 001 2013-01-05 003

biking spectacular and waves as wild as they get. I am about to witness another breath taking sunset, from the Salmon beach this time. I have biked across the Island reaching the very west tip, where Ospreys and eagles lay eggs and Seals and see lions rest. Whales visit the cape in as well. I got to see playing Dolphins today, and spent most of the day on dozen quiet ( mostly empty) beaches. It has been close to 40C but pleasantly windy, which made the biking even harder. Delicious organic green mango, kiwis, smoked salmon and white greipfruit made a delicious lunch. I hope Delphines will join me for the sunset!

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